South Australia is one of the most incredible places in the world for fresh produce, and we realise how lucky we are to live here. We believe that supporting the local community is paramount to success, and engaging with family businesses with whom we share a strong work ethic is the best way we know to achieve that shared success.

When looking for suppliers we strove to find family businesses like our own, as well as ones that we looked up to. People who celebrated the Italo-Australian community, who are strongly involved in their local area, and of course those who take the same pride in their products as we do.

We have carefully curated our family of suppliers, and are just as proud of their ingredients as we are of our final products.

John from Rustico, who makes focaccia that reminds Matteo of Puglia. Nino, who makes his succulent smallgoods from family recipes that are off the boat direct from Calabria.

Ange and John from Rhodes with their perfect eggs from happy chooks. Carlo from Tweedvale, who brings us fresh and sweet milk direct. Riccardo from Marino’s Meats with his best cuts of whatever we need. Chloe and Tony from D’Angelo who carefully source their beans before roasting them to perfection, and the Avanti Pasticceria family with their cakes that make our mouths water even though we look at them every… single… day.

In the end, they were all chosen because they provide world class produce which we are proud to serve fresh every day.