Some things are great when they’re left for a time – long slow roasts, fruit left on the tree to ripen perfectly, or naps on the beach.

Other things should be made and enjoyed on the same day. Everything we make, from sandwiches with home-made tomato relish to pasta dishes everything is prepared fresh. As well as this, all of our condiments are house made. We love the produce brought to us by our team of amazing suppliers and strive to create honest and humble dishes with it. Through trial and error, we have found some real favourites, and we have decided to share some of those recipes with everyone on our blog.

We offer a range of pasta bakes, pasta, jarred condiments, and house-made granola which are available in packs for special occasions – make sure to check out our products page to stay up to date on the current offer.

If you have read about our suppliers then you’ll know how much we love the food we create, how much we respect our ingredients, and why we want to make food that we can be proud of.

In addition to creating meals and snacks for our in-store customers, we also offer catering services for your events! Our sandwich menu is fulfilled with fresh sourdough bread from Rustico Bakery in Campbelltown, and the salads are made fresh on the morning of your order.

So, whether you are our guest in store or we are coming to you with our catering services you can be assured that what you receive is fresh and made with care.