We at Pane e Latte have strived to create a space dedicated to good food, community, and hospitality. Not just hospitality in the industry sense, but true hospitality. The way our parents taught us to treat guests, that feeling of being truly welcome in a place, a celebration of community.

Living in South Australia provides almost infinite possibilities for fresh and high-quality produce, it would be a tragedy to waste that opportunity. We wanted to create a place which celebrates our traditions while allowing us to break the boundaries of them, a place where world-class South Australian products bring local life to age old Italian cuisine.

All of our fresh produce comes from no more than 150km and we know all of our suppliers because we sought them out. However, when something just can’t be replicated - we source the real deal from Italy itself. See our suppliers page to learn who they are and why we chose them.

Along the way we have been humbled to win three R&CA National Awards, assembled a great team, and – we hope - created a home of true hospitality.

So please, come and be our guest.

R&CA Award, SA Metro Nort-East 2018

R&CA National Award 2018

R&CA Award, SA Metro Nort-East 2019