I am Matteo and this in the photo with me is my wife Natalie. Like many other food-lovers and hospitality workers, we always wanted to create a place where all our ideas and concepts could be taken into life. After finding out that we were expecting a kid, we decided to take the leap and start this new venture called Pane e Latte. We thought about a place where everyone would feel welcome, we thought about connecting with the community, be there, be present. We thought about the fortune of living in South Australia and having access to some of the best produce and products on the planet. We though about making it unique, but still keeping it simple, true, real. We didn’t want to open an Italian restaurant or cafe, we wanted to create something that reflects our culture while allowing us to break traditional boundaries and be creative. We wanted to treat our guests in the same way our parents have taught us to do so.

This is now Pane e Latte, be our guest.

R&CA Award, SA Metro Nort-East 2018

R&CA National Award 2018

R&CA Award, SA Metro Nort-East 2019